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Taylor Morris

Oh, hello there! I'm Taylor Morris, and this is my website. Welcome!

I am a full-time freelance editor. I copy edit, proofread, and do developmental edits. I am a young adult and children's editor and specialize as a middle grade editor. I also happen to be a middle grade author. I've had a dozen books published by two of the big five publishing houses, and I also do a lot of ghostwriting for women's romance. I have ten romance books published under a different, top-secret name.

Have a look around, and please message me if you have any questions. 

In the meantime, I'll just be writing, or reading, or editing, or dreaming of the perfect lemon pie. 

About My Editing

First I was a writer, then I became an editor. Why does this matter? Because I get it. I know what it takes to write a book and how it feels to get those editorial letters. That’s why I always give authors compassionate honesty. I want you to achieve your dream.

Pausing While Typing

About My Writing

I am the author of eight middle grade books and four chapter books, all published by Simon & Schuster's Aladdin/Mix line and Penguin Workshop, a division of Penguin Random House. I’ve also written three MG and YA non-fiction books, plus ten adult romance books published under a top-secret name.


*does the math*


I’m the author of 25 books.

About My Clients

My clients are incredible, full stop. Here’s some nice things they have to say about me:

"I can't say enough about how great Taylor is to work with. After going through an agent round of revisions on my middle-grade fantasy/alt history, it still wasn't hitting the right notes with editors. Taylor pointed out that I needed more emotional heft and should dig deeper. I've been working on another huge revision before going back out on sub. I'm certain the changes and additions will resonate more with the publishing gatekeepers. I highly recommend Taylor!" --Shelly S.

"Her professionalism, insights, and patience have helped refine my stories, making her an integral part of my writing process." --Chris E.

"She’s very knowledgeable, responsive, and was very instructive on guiding me toward a polished manuscript. Looking forward to working with her again." --Tony C.

"Taylor is such a pleasure to work with. She gave me an honest review of my manuscript, what was good and exactly what needed improving chapter by chapter." --Ektaa B

Holding Three Books

You can also find me on Reedsy, a highly rated book publishing site that accepts less than 5% of the editors, designers, and publicists who apply.  

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