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I have been a full-time freelance editor and writer for fifteen years. As such, I have a wide variety of editing skills and clients, from copy editing the prestigious science fiction and fantasy magazine Galaxy’s Edge to working with software companies and environmental research agencies to ensure their copy is clear and error-free. 


Most of all, I love working with writers. I’m here to help you get your manuscript in excellent shape, ready for submission to agents and editors, or for self-publishing.

As an established author, I know the hard work it takes to write a book, especially if you have a full-time job. That's why my critiques are thoughtful and honest but always compassionate. 

I edit for individuals just starting out, publishers who buy manuscripts, and companies that produce articles. In short, I edit it all.

Copy Editing and Proofreading 

After all the work you’ve put into your writing, the last thing you want is a sloppy manuscript that doesn’t look professional. Before you send it to agents, editors, or your preferred self-publishing site, I can give it a once-over for errors. Typos happen to the best of us, even the basics like your/you’re, than/then/ further/farther, and more.


Copy editing services includes:

  • Correct spelling and grammatical mistakes

  • Correct formatting such as indents, font and spacing for an overall clean look

  • Check for ease of read, and offering suggestions for clarity


Developmental Editing

This is the big-time edit. It includes a line edit and a detailed editorial letter. That means I mark my thoughts on the manuscript as I read, noting specific things that work and others that need improvement including: pacing, plot points, dialogue, age-appropriate themes, overall cohesiveness, and more. You’ll also get a detailed editorial letter which goes into even more specifics with the marks I made on your manuscript, and ways I think you can tweak, change, or fix for the better. 


Editorial Assessment

Similar to developmental editing, but without the marks on your manuscript and a bit less detailed of an editorial letter. However, I will note things such as plot, pacing, character development, and suggestions for improvement. If you’re on a tight budget, this is a great way to go. 

My rates are fair and competitive. Contact me for a quote. Please include your word count.

Thanks! I return most messages within 24 hours.

Client Feedback

Taylor is such a pleasure to work with. She is kind and thoughtful but is not afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks. She gave me an honest review of my manuscript, what was good and exactly what needed improving chapter by chapter. She clearly has a lot of experience and I appreciated her input. I also appreciate someone with a sense of humour. I will aim to work with her again! —Ektaa B.


I worked with Taylor on a series of 17 small biographies for middle school kids. I worked with her over the course of a year. The project turned out to be more intense than I expected and Taylor was incredibly patient with my submission delays. The edits she provided were spot on and very helpful. I felt that she did a good read of all the stories, and that her feedback was honest, straightforward and kindly delivered. I would most certainly work with Taylor again. —Cristina H.


Taylor is an editor of high standards. She is exceedingly fast in responding to questions. She gives praise and wise advice for what is working/not working for plot and/or character development. She is the first person to give me the insight and guidance to improve my character development, a weakness I've known for a long time. Judging by how her recommendations have made the excitement and flow of the story, she has succeeded in passing a lot of her wisdom and experience on to me. She does this with a gentleness that won't hurt anyone's ego and I would not hesitate to use her again or recommend her to other writers. —Ken G.


Taylor was a delight to work with, she gave me so many valuable insights and suggestions. I am glad I decided to embark on the process, it was super! —Mayuri N.


Taylor was wonderful to work with. She gave detailed edits, clever suggestions, and genuine support. She was professional and courteous throughout the process and always kept our communication open and up-to-date. I would happily work with her on another project. —Breeann A.


Extremely grateful to have connected with Taylor Morris. Her experience, knowledge, and talent have helped me to elevate my writing. Her ability to dive into my manuscript with a keen eye and see things that I didn't was exciting. Her critique and comments were constructive and honest. She inspired me to keep working harder to get exactly what I see in my mind across on the page. I felt she championed my writing as well, giving positive feedback in areas that were working and offering suggestions on how to improve when needed. Taylor's work experience and industry insight set her apart from someone who will just edit your work. I felt she actually cared about my book and me as a writer. As I mentioned above, I feel grateful that I was able to work with Taylor and I look forward to working with her on many more projects. —Corrine R.

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