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Bullies and Trolls: Protecting Yourself on Social Media

If you want to know where kids are hanging out these days, think virtual. The place to be is online, where kids keep up with each other, share images, play games, and keep up with the world. Sometimes those clicks and comments can turn ugly, though. Bullies and trolls are a fact of our world, but we're here to help stop them. We'll break down whom they target, who they are, and what to do to stop the cycle. From how to shut down a troll to what the law and school policies offer, readers find out how to silence the bullies on the other side of that black mirror.

You're Addicted to Your Phone: How to Break the Habit

Want to see a teen freak out? Take their phone away. Phones seem to be as important as oxygen, but sometimes those little portals to the online world interfere with real life. This fun and informative guide will help painlessly wean teens off constant phone use by offering scale-back tactics, sharing what others have done that works, and explaining the physical and emotional repercussions of overuse so that teens don't have to miss out on anything IRL.

Surviving a First Date

It happens once for every couple, the first date. The crush, the pining, the wondering, and the daydreaming has now come to fruition. It's when two people take their growing attraction for each other to the next level, which is public acknowledgement of a romantic kind. Whether young or old, the first date will always cause jitters. This book offers the best advice, the worst-case scenarios, and the sweetest, funniest, and most "awww-worthy" moments from the dating archives. Whether on a group date or one-on-one, teens will appreciate the background they'll have obtained from this book, allowing them to graciously experience a great first date.

Surviving Prom

Prom has the potential to be the most glamorous night of the year. Fancy gowns and suits, perfect hair, and a date who makes your knees buckle. For some, planning for prom takes months of careful work, to say nothing of the nerves that build as the date nears. This book helps teens navigate all the prep and build up, plus the emotions that come along with it. From date jitters to outfit stress, this book ensures that no matter what, surviving prom is a piece of cake.

Original Divas

"When I'm good, I`m very good. When I'm bad, I'm better." --Mae West

Learn from Josephine Baker how to transform yourself into the toast of Paris, or take a lesson from Bessie Smith on how to belt out bone-chilling blues. Read about the triumphs, tragedies and taboos conquered by stage divas Mae West, Carmen Miranda and Lillie Langtry.


Original Divas supplies even more details on the fabulous lives of these provocative performers and feminists through excerpts from diaries, interviews and historic photographs that portray just how smart and glamorous gals can be. Le jazz hot indeed!

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